Life goal list (unspecified time frame):

Attain my masters degree
Learn italian
Learn french
Climb a mountain
Write a book
Learn to surf
Learn to fence
Publish an article in the science magazine Nature – Dropped
Publish an article in the science magazine Science – Dropped
Get married and have kids
Set foot on every continent
Swim with dolphins
Reach 80 kg, lean
Reach 85 kg, lean
Reach 90 kg, lean
–> 1xBW BP
–> 1.5x BW BP
–>1.5x BW DL
–> 2x BW DL
–> 2.5x BW DL
Work at a restaurant as a chef
Be in a movie
Circumnavigate the planet
–> South of Africa
–> Across Europe and the Russian transsiberian railway
Read the top 100 classic novels
Own a villa in Italy
Participate as a volunteer for some event for the needy
Run a five minute mile
Kiss at the top of the Eiffel tower
Play in a band
Start a coffe bar
Start a bar
White water rafting
Take dance classes
Dive at Great Barrier Reef
Paint the Big Apple red
Bathe at the warm springs on Iceland
Send loveletters to people I don’t know
Soapbobbles. Sunset. Girl.
Get LASIK eye surgery
Open an art gallery, with my own art.
Sell some of own art.
Live in a convent for a week.
Go nightclubbing in Berlin
Wilderness survival (a la Bear Grills)
Recite the Rime of the Ancient Mariner
Bring a camera with me and take pictures everywhere I go
Go Paintballing
Grow a bonsai tree
Get a sleeve tattoo in a japanese theme
Learn to use bow and arrow
Give lunch and a bath to a homeless person
Publish a book (possibly an e-Book)
Get six-pack abs
Walk the Great Wall of China
Meditate 2 times a week
Excercise weekly
Start my own buisness
Play a live gig
Run a marathon
Run a 1/2 marathon
Complete a triathlon
Perform at a comedy club
Get a PhD degree – Dropped
Kill, prepare and eat an animal
Eat octopus
Fill a box with expressions of love for my loved ones


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  1. jeg ser frem til den nederste.. ;D

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