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Change in goals

Posted in goals on October 28, 2008 by redaktør

I was at an interview yesterday about a movie for my education. It’s designed to attract new students, but still – it’s a movie.

So now I’m just hoping to get a part in it to fufill a goal!

Also I have decided to remove the 500 approaches goal. I’m getting better and better and have found my self to be able to maintain conversations for quite a long time and also extraction the girl from the venue and go have sex. So 500 approaches is really not a goal as such. Of course I’m gonna hit that mark sooner or later, but I think it’s better with fewer and longer sets.


Pick-up goals

Posted in goals on October 21, 2008 by redaktør

Now my goals in seduction of women is also listed at the “Goals” page.


Posted in goals on October 21, 2008 by redaktør

Some of my life goals are added. Take a look at them in the sidebar menu.

I will continue putting in new goals as I come across them or remember them. It was bit of a hard brainstorm.

Seduction goals are still missing. Updating with them shortly.